Helium Bottom Bracket Installation



Installation procedure for 2017 Helium Titanium and Aluminum BBs including torque spec for aluminum bolts.

Copyright © 2017 Damon Sprague Start by applying a little grease to the threads of the drive and non-drive cups (non-drive has the removeable lockring) Install drive side first remembering this has left hand threads and tightens to the left. Standard shimano BB tool required. Make sure to tighten this cup if it loosens cup make cause cranks to stop and rider may fall suddenly. Insert spindle and start the threads on the non-drive cup. The lock ring should be removed and set aside for the moment. Using your hand only to turn the tool at this time until the cup is bottomed on the bearing. Do not tighten any further once bottomed. A very light touch is all that is needed here. Check the spindle movement with your free hand to determine bottoming point as you want the spindle to turn without resistance and without side loading the ceramic bearings. (side loading will result in shortened bearing life and less free spinning BB) A little extra care spent during the install will give you great results and a longer lasting, more satisfying product so take an extra minute to do this right. When the cup is bottomed and no added resistance is felt install the non- drive side lock ring. Tighten with a cog wrench or BB lockring tool. The hinged version works very well. You can attach a wrench to the shimano BB tool at this point to hold the non-drive cup while tightening the lockring to ensure the cup doesn't tighten while lockring is being secured. Once BB is properly installed and spinning freely it's time to install the cranks.     

Crank Installation

Tighten crank arms using 8mm titanium crank bolts with greased threads.These should be checked periodically. Be careful not to over-tighten. 27 Nm for greased Titanium bolts in Titanium spindle. 20 Nm with Titanium bolts into aluminum spindle. All bolts going into Titanium or aluminum spindle should have anti seize compound applied to the threads to avoid the bolts seizing from galvanic corrosion. (corrosion that occurs from two dissimilar metals being held together) You will want to remove these bolts some day and anti seize compound ensures that it is a painless process. Finishline brand Ti anti seize is available in small sizes $3-4 at most bike shops and online at amazon etc. It is basically small copper particles suspended in grease.